Where to Advertise Jobs

Finding qualified and suitable candidates to fill job vacancies is not a simple task to accomplish. With the many graduates and skilled workers available, it can be difficult to streamline the process. Hiring a recruiter is one option that most companies consider. Online recruiters provide a certain advantage for employers. For one, recruiters have access to online advertising resources that an enterprise may not have time to explore. Advertising jobs online is one of the ways to reach a very large audience that spans different geographical boundaries. As a company, you are reaching a global audience, and that means access to more talent. Placing adverts online has also been proven to produce fast results as opposed to the old-fashioned methods. People have faster access to information online; and so, the reach and response time is reduced. The return on investment is also measurable when advertising online. When hiring an online recruiter, it is crucial to learn about where to advertise jobs.

Finding the Right Job Board

Recruiters use various online job boards to place advertisements for job vacancies. A good fraction of recruiter use these boards for sourcing candidates that employers hire. Job boards are numerous, and finding the most suitable one is a vital factor when placing advertisements. How well an advert does is partly influenced by the choice of a job board. First, know the audience of a particular job board. There are some that are generic with filtering tools and others that are niche-specific. Have a clear view of the audience you want to reach and find a board that makes it possible. It would not help much to advertise an IT manager’s position on a board that caters to a marketing niche. Another determinant of the suitability of a particular site is the demographic of the target audience. Elements such as the age, location, and education qualifications that a site caters to will tell if it’s the right one for your company’s advertising.

Reach is another important aspect when choosing where to advertise jobs online. You need to find out the number of users a site has and the percentage of a certain discipline. The more users a job board has, the more popular it is, and that means better chances of landing suitable candidates. The type of candidates a company is searching for will also dictate the right job board. For example, are you looking for applicants outside Chester? London? The UK? Knowing this will help find a job board that meets your criteria. The network of job boards that a recruiter has access to is one of the factors to consider when hiring one. These boards offer different advantages from the cost to the features to the customisation options. Here is a look at some of the areas where to advertise jobs online.


Monster is one of the generic sites recruiters use for job postings. There are about 4 million jobs posted with 1 million added every month. One reason to use Monster is that job postings are very detailed. An advert can have a job description and summary. It is even possible to add photos. The availability of a prescreening questionnaire for applicants simplifies the recruitment process. The filtering tools on Monster are quite efficient, and companies can do C.V searches.


Fish4Jobs has over 7 million registered job seekers. Recruiters have access to over 3.5 million searchable C.Vs. Relevant candidates who are email subscribers get alerts of your adverts on a daily basis.

Total Jobs

Monthly applications on Total Jobs are above the 2 million mark. The site has been on the list of UK top job boards for several years. It offers a comprehensive C.V database and targeted tools to make adverts more customised.

CW Jobs

CW Jobs is one of the top niche job board for the tech industry. Advertising on the site is made easy by the “jobs by role” category. From finding IT helpdesk candidates to Android developers, companies don’t have to struggle. The location filter is also very precise with the mile radius options.

Career Builder

This site is very effective in finding appropriate candidates for specific positions. It has a feature where applicants get job recommendations if certain keywords in their C.V match adverts. Career Builder is designed to find candidates who are following a particular career path or want to make a change. There are tests for applicants to determine the stages of their career, meaning that recruiters get stronger candidates from the pack.


The biggest advantage that Indeed offers is company profiles. Applicants can browse through a company’s profile and get the relevant information before applying. Reviews from employees are also an advantage. Candidate questionnaires are available but not as detailed as with Monster’s. The site caters to a wide range of industries. It is possible to organise job adverts for a particular company such as updating the status of applicants if they have been interviewed, pre-screened or phoned. Indeed is considered the top job board in the world.

These jobs boards are just a few examples of where to advertise jobs. Hiring a recruiter provides access to some of these boards and a lot more. When using online job board to advertise, it helps to learn about the best way to structure adverts to fit a specific board. What is the right information to include? How long should the descriptions be? What type of language is suitable? Recruiters can provide their professional expertise in this regard. For boards that allow company profiles, advertisers must know how to go about it to provide the most useful information for applicants. A company may have access to the best online job boards but fall short when it comes to capitalising on the features and tools offered. Taking advantage of the benefits that come with online recruitment starts with finding the right people to handle the job. Find online recruiters that will cater to your company’s needs and that can advertise on the best sites in the UK.

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I have worked with That Recruit for the last four months to find suitable candidates for Abacare, our award winning care business. That Recruit recognise the need for our business to attract quality candidates to care for our service users in the comfort of their own home. I have found them to be helpful and reactive to our business needs and look forward to our continued working relationship.

Peter Abacare, Abacare
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What our clients say about us

Quantity of applicant received was tremendous. Required a lot of sifting but evident that the advert reached a broad spectrum of candidates.

Jonathan, UberRaum Architects
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What our clients say about us

We are happy with the service and quality of applicants.

Collette, Labrums Solicitor
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What our clients say about us

We usually use recruitment agencies, however for this particular vacancy it seemed more appropriate to try a cheaper recruitment option. In setting up the initial advert it was very easy and quick, and the staff at ThatRecruit were very helpful and efficient in coming back to me and in authorizing the advert. The software to manage the vacancy was easy to use and the ability to mark candidates with a status was helpful. As an improvement it would be useful to be able to select all those marked as rejected and be able to bulk message them with a decline message or have an option to allow the candidates to see their status. Overall it’s been easy to manage this recruitment placement through ThatRecruit and we had an exceptional response to the advertisement with 72 applicants and having to close the advert early.

Luan Mahoney, Chadney Bulgin
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The process was easy to manage and we received a high number of responses.

Stephen, Cherwell College Oxford
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Thanks again for your fantastic service don’t change anything it works great!

Max, Climate Group
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