This is a candidates world!

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This is a candidates world!

We’re continuously trying to find ways to improve the overall response clients can achieve to the recruitment advertising campaigns. We always want improvements with both quality and quantity, to ensure clients have the best choice of top, relevant talent for their available roles.

For several years we’ve processed and studied hundreds of thousands of job applications, coming from a variety of sources, for a variety of different companies. Undeniably, the best way to improve the volume of application is to focus on the candidate’s experience. In today’s market, it is most certainly a candidate’s market. There is very low unemployment and lots of choice of jobs.

It’s very easy as an employer to assume the alternative, and to expect candidates to be ready and willing to adhere to whatever it is your application process requires. There’s definitely some merit in this to an extent, and, it can ensure you’re candidates are certainly serious about your job. However, it also greatly improves the likelihood of you missing out of incredible talent. There are a few things to consider:

Your in competition for employees just as much as you are for customers

It may be difficult to accept this, but it’s true. Your company is as good as the team that are in it, and for that reason everyone wants to ensure they’re hiring the very best. If you remember this at every stage of the recruitment and candidate attraction process, you should see noticeable improvements.

Online, candidate’s have to apply for a lot of jobs to secure an interview

Whilst this is true, it’s not a reflection of the candidate more a reflection of the market. There are millions of jobs online and on average even a ‘top calibre’ candidate has to apply for a minimum of 5 to hear anything back, let alone get an interview. Why is this? There are a number of reasons, but here a few key reasons.

The online job marketplace is incredibly fast paced.

If you’re applying for a job that was advertised 1 week ago, there’s a very good chance the employer is already onto interviews by this point. Should the interviews go well, it’s unlikely the candidates who have applied recently will even get reviewed.

Speculative and fictitious job adverts

It’s not allowed, it’s annoying and a complete waste of everyone’s time, but it happens. I’m looking at you recruitment agencies. Agencies using adverts as a method of building up a ‘talent pool’ is very common and possibly one of the worst traits of the recruitment industry.


There is such a large amount of access in 2018 that volumes do drown out even top calibre candidates. Particularly when there are job aggregators out there who focus on driving traffic rather than filling roles. I’m looking at you Indeed.

With this in mind, imagine how many jobs a candidate who isn’t ‘top calibre’ has to apply for to get an interview, a lot. When you consider this it’s hardly surprising that application processes that require hoop jumping tend to struggle.

Our advice

The problem that starts this process off a lot of the time is a pre existing process of some form of regulatory process. Often this particularly applies to public sector, healthcare, education and charities. It’s so common we’ve even built a tool into our app to facilitate the application form process! However, when possible, we always try to offer an alternative strategy to clients who find themselves in this situation.

The actual requirements

We tend to hear a lot that CV’s can’t be accepted and that it must be application forms. We try to explore whether it’s possible to reverse engineer this in order to produce better results. 99% of the time, it is. A lot of employers do need application forms completing for every member of staff, even every candidate interviewed. That’s fine and completely understandable, particularly when you need full disclosure regarding CRB related issues.

It’s almost never (in my opinion, always never) a requirement to receive the application form at the very beginning of the process. We’d advise looking at this process similarly to a marketing campaign, the lead should be generated and then nurtured before expecting results, the results being a completed application form. Try implementing this process instead:

  1. Advertise the job
  2. Receive applications by CV
  3. Review CVs and telephone suitable candidates
  4. Arrange interviews with candidates who are still suitable after telephone screening
  5. Email application forms to candidates along with the interview confirmation and directions, informing them you need the form back 24 hours before the interview
  6. Use the auto reply feature to inform every candidate who applies via CV that if they haven’t heard within 28 days, they’ve not been successful

By doing this, it is a bit more ‘leg work’ but you will have more completed application forms (I promise) and most importantly a stronger shortlist.

Daniel – Co-Founder

A few of the great companies we work with...

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What our clients say about us

I have worked with That Recruit for the last four months to find suitable candidates for Abacare, our award winning care business. That Recruit recognise the need for our business to attract quality candidates to care for our service users in the comfort of their own home. I have found them to be helpful and reactive to our business needs and look forward to our continued working relationship.

Peter Abacare, Abacare
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What our clients say about us

Quantity of applicant received was tremendous. Required a lot of sifting but evident that the advert reached a broad spectrum of candidates.

Jonathan, UberRaum Architects
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What our clients say about us

We are happy with the service and quality of applicants.

Collette, Labrums Solicitor
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What our clients say about us

We usually use recruitment agencies, however for this particular vacancy it seemed more appropriate to try a cheaper recruitment option. In setting up the initial advert it was very easy and quick, and the staff at ThatRecruit were very helpful and efficient in coming back to me and in authorizing the advert. The software to manage the vacancy was easy to use and the ability to mark candidates with a status was helpful. As an improvement it would be useful to be able to select all those marked as rejected and be able to bulk message them with a decline message or have an option to allow the candidates to see their status. Overall it’s been easy to manage this recruitment placement through ThatRecruit and we had an exceptional response to the advertisement with 72 applicants and having to close the advert early.

Luan Mahoney, Chadney Bulgin
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What our clients say about us

The process was easy to manage and we received a high number of responses.

Stephen, Cherwell College Oxford
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What our clients say about us

Thanks again for your fantastic service don’t change anything it works great!

Max, Climate Group
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